Gourmet holiday in Black Forest

Enjoyable times in Hotel Bären Titisee

Every day is a connoisseur day in our gourmet hotel in black Forest. We love our homeland and high quality agricultural products. We combine both these elements in our kitchen, creating excellent dishes and combining them with a unique gastronomy. It is worth to avail oneself to an experience full of taste, supplemented with excellent service and elegant surroundings.

Whether it is the Sauter´s restaurant, the Bärenstube or the Vierthaler restaurant, our lifestyle also encompasses utter bliss. We gladly pamper our guests all day long, using excellent dishes. We serve international cuisine, crossover and typical dishes. Always fresh, excellent, tasty. Our chef, Mr. Thomas Sauter, prioritizes top quality and fresh ingredients, in order to prepare the best food for you.

It is worth to start the day with a lavish breakfast buffet. At noon, try the local bar Baden cuisine in the Bärenstube, the hotel guests can also have an afternoon snack here. Then, cake baked at the hotel, e.g. a Black Forest cake, with coffee. In the evening, we invite you to visit the Sauter´s restaurant. You can satisfy your craving for elaborate dishes in our Titisee hotel, consuming the best wines from the winery or delicious cocktails at the Bar 1888. It is worth to discover our homeland, which – also on a plate – is open to the world. Of course, our team also takes into account food allergies and intolerances, serving you with products that are, for instance, gluten or lactose-free.

Culinary pleasure for external guests

  • From 8.00 to 10.30 a.m. - enjoy a lavish breakfast in the form of a smorgasbord


  • Monday - Saturday € 18,50,- 
  • Sunday & Holidays € 23,00,- 
  • Children up to 12 years € 11,00,- (from 13 years = full payer)