Baths & boat trip on Titisee

A motorboat cruise on Titisee is relaxation on water. A bath in the largest natural lake in Black Forest allows you to plunge into thousands of years of history. The Feldberg iceberg, which occupied this area 10,000 years ago, formed the current Titisee basin, forming the basis of one of the most beautiful lakes in Black Forest. For water enthusiasts and those who relax looking at water, Titisee is the best possible destination.

From bathing to motorboat cruises – everything here involves water:

  • Swimming: On the Titisee beach, you can enjoy the lake, but also a swimming pool. Whether in a heated outdoor swimming pool, paddling pool, or in a sun-heated lake, everyone can find a place for themselves, also on the beach, beach volleyball court, sunbathing area at the lake, or directly on an airbed.
  • Individual motorboat rides: Electric motorboat and yachts let you have idyllic rides on the lake, it is also worth to lease a rowing boat and romantically row around. Pedal boats are also very popular on Titisee, both among the old and the young. Rental centres are located directly at the promenade, several minutes away from the Hotel Bären.
  • Cruise on Titisee: It is worth to go on a cruise on Titisee, during which you can learn many interesting things. The Hochschwarzwald Card grants you 1 cruise a day.
  • Sailing and surfing: It is worth to take advantage of a delicate breeze and set your sails. Enjoy!