Hotel Bären in Titisee, we have an ANNIVERSARY!

Dear friends, guests and employees of our Hotel Bären in Titisee,

we want to send you a few lines of our thoughts during this very unusual time.

On April 1st, 2020 we will write half a century
With our grandparents Adam and Emma Sauter and our parents Harald and Heide Sauter, we, Thomas and Stefan have found our home in our "Bären" in Titisee.

50 years let us write a colourful, interesting, if not always easy story.

We have left many moments behind us, both beautiful and less beautiful. 
No, we're not celebrating the glittering anniversary today, we're sitting together in a small family circle, just thinking of you all and want to share this moment with you.
Thank you to all of you who have accompanied, supported and often carried us along this path, without you none of this would have been possible.

We, first and foremost with our family, all our friends, guests, business partners and our many hard-working helpers, want to look to the future now. We don't want to neglect our duties. We have to be reasonable so that we can soon experience these beautiful moments together again, laugh together and exchange ideas.

Nevertheless, our eyes are also on the many people who unfortunately could not make it to experience this carefree time together again. Here, all our thoughts go to the many bereaved and those who are left alone with their grief.

Let's look out the window and see how the sun shines through the woods, warms the ground and we can slowly look forward to spring. Let's do it like nature does and enjoy watching the beautiful moments, the sun's rays and the excited activity of the birds all the more.

Let's just say thank you to EVERYONE who is helping to care for people during this time and who are there for others beyond all measure with their work. A big thank you for that.

We also say thank you that we are so closely connected as a family and can be there for each other.

We Sauters greet you from the bottom of our hearts, we are happy to be here in our "Bear in Titisee".
At home in Titisee in our Black Forest, because home is simply where you are at home and feel safe and at home.


Niklas, Leila, Harald and Heide Sauter, Miguel and Christopher
Kathrin and Stefan, Luis, Thomas and Isabel and Scara.